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Disregard the flashy portrayals of six to seven-figure earnings shown on social media. Real estate transcends the glossy success stories; in reality, many agents struggle to reach a six-figure income annually. As someone who made a pivotal decision to embark on a real estate career immediately after completing full-time military service, I can offer firsthand insights into the challenges you're likely to encounter.

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Here's my story

Opting out of a university opportunity to pursue real estate wasn't a decision taken lightly. Despite skepticism from peers and even my own parents, I chose to forgo the security of a conventional 9-5 job post-degree and instead embraced the uncertainties of self-employment in real estate. I remained resolute in my decision, undeterred by external opinions, and embarked on this new chapter with determination.

The journey commenced with its fair share of challenges. Transitioning to a career where income fluctuates while expenses remain constant was undoubtedly daunting. Over the course of twelve months, I employed various strategies: immersing myself in networking, seizing every available opportunity, and leveraging existing connections. With the invaluable support and training provided by the KennyNeoDivision, I swiftly adapted, setting a solid foundation for my real estate career.

Drawing from personal experience, I emphasize the importance of aligning with mentors who prioritize substantive support over ostentatious displays of wealth. It's crucial to find mentors who offer tailored guidance, capitalizing on your strengths while navigating the nuances of the industry. I'm fortunate to have found such mentorship under Sergio Tang, whose guidance has been pivotal to my progress.

If you're contemplating a career transition similar to mine and considering real estate, I encourage you to reach out. We're here to address your inquiries, offer support, and, most importantly, help you achieve your career aspirations.

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